Outdoor Tiles

2cm Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

Enlarge you living space by taking the indoors outside, with these fabulous 2cm thick porcelain tiles.  They have many advantages over other outdoor hard surfaces, including;

  • they are extremely durable
  • they are frost resistant
  • the colour won't fade over time
  • they have an anti-slip surface of PTV 36+
  • they are easy to clean
  • they are very resistant to staining and scratching
  • they are low maintenance and do not require treating
  • they will not rot or deteriorate
  • they are quick to install with a raised pedestal system (see below for more details)
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Nicobond Terra Level Pedestal System

This pedestal system is simply fantastic.  It is used in conjunction with 2cm porcelain tiles to create an elevated floor.  This means you can use them straight over the top of an existing patio or decked area to create your brand new outdoor area quickly and at anytime of the year.

As the floor is raised and there is a space below it, you can hide services such as cables and drainage pipes below, discreet and safe.  The tiles can be removed simply at any time, which means manhole covers can be covered but still have access.  Using this system also means no grout is used inbetween the tiles, which means water escape providing excellent drainage.  The pedestal heights are flexible so steps can be turned into flat surfaces and the outdoor floor can be practically level with your indoor floor.

Click here to watch the installation video.