Adhesives & Grouts

Choose Tiles offer an excellent selection of tile adhesive and grout for all of your needs. Whether you're replacing one broken tile, or completely revamping the whole room, rest assured we've got the best quality products for the job. Whether you're fitting bathroom floor tiles or kitchen wall tiles, we're sure you'll find just what you need, right here…


We have a range of floor and wall tiles adhesives plus grouts in a range of colours and finishes.

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Waterproof grout

Tiles are most often used in the bathroom and kitchen, so your choice of grout is important. We sell a range of ready to mix and easy to use waterproof grouts that can be used with bathroom floor tiles, kitchen wall tiles and mosaic tiles.


Flexible grout
Our Flexible Grout Plus range is available in a range of colour options and is designed for high moisture areas. It is water repellent and water resistant, making it perfect for showers and bathrooms. Flexible Grout can be used with a range of bathroom wall and floor tiles, including glass, stone and ceramic.

Range of colours
The great news about grout is that you can now choose from a range of colours to complement your floor, wall or mosaic tiles. Choose from natural light coffee, cream or gold when used with kitchen wall tiles, or grey and limestone with your bathroom floor tiles. Of course, you can always opt for white or black grout.

Make the grout glitter
If you love all things that sparkle, then you can also make your grout glitter. This is perfect when using gold or grey kitchen wall files or when incorporating wall files in a stainless steel or industrial styled kitchen. Choose from Sparkle gold or silver glitter grout. If you are looking to add glitter to your grout you must our starlike grout.

Easy to use waterproof wall adhesives
Our range of flexible waterproof wall tile adhesives are ready mixed, quick and easy to use. This adhesive has been designed for use in the bathroom or shower room, and specifically with ceramic or mosaic wall files that are subjected to running water.

Wall and floor tiles adhesive
Our Nicobond Flexible Fibre wall and floor tile adhesive is ready to use with glass, stone, porcelain, ceramic and mosaic tiles. It is also designed for use in rooms with slight vibrations, making it perfect for use in the kitchen and utility room.